The new addition to the product portfolio from Kent-based Jestic Foodservice Equipment, made by Irinox, has been dubbed the “fastest blast chiller in its category”.

Italian manufacturer Irinox has dubbed its new Icy product “the fastest blast chiller in its category”. Jestic claims that the Icy can blast-chill and shock-freeze in 30% less time than the competition, and with lower energy consumption.

The rapid process enables operators to capitalise on speed of service, with optimised production and preparation for improved kitchen efficiency.

Jestic said: “Perfect for use in a variety of commercial kitchens, the Icy is extremely user-friendly. Intuitive touchscreen controls allow operators to set the unit to a programme of their choosing quickly and simply, with four main functions that can be accessed from the ‘home’ panel, leading on to a range of precise programmes from what the operator can choose.”

Mirroring the simplicity of a smartphone, each function also benefits from an explanatory icon for easy identification, speeding up subsequent repeat uses.

The state-of-the-art technology within the Icy blast chiller preserves the nutritional values within a range of food types, for consistent quality with every preparation, said the firm.

Last month Jestic launched Technical Services, a new after-sales division.