A replica of one of the wedding cakes presented to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in 1947 has been repaired using 3D technology, developed by the University of Warwick.

Professor Mark Williams at Warwick Manufacturing Group, based at the university, employed a 3D scanning technology to recreate a full-sized replica of the wedding cake presented to the Queen and Prince Philip, which was significantly damaged by vandals in 2015.

The technology was able to accurately scan the remaining parts of the cake to within 0.1mm and reproduce a high-resolution 3D model, used to repair the cake digitally.

Professor Williams said it was fantastic to apply the group’s technology to such an exciting project and help restore such an iconic cake.

“Usually we are working on engineering-related challenges, so to be able to take our expertise and transfer that to something totally different and so historically significant was a really interesting opportunity.”

The historic cake – which was originally created by designer Peek Frean in 1947 – weighed 600lb and was given to the royal couple as a souvenir.