British Baker will be looking to chart a sustainable route forward for the baking industry by focussing on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at its latest Baking Industry Summit on 27th November 2008. The conference, taking place in One Great George Street, London, will bring together leading bakery suppliers, retailers and wholesalers as well as experts in fields such as energy efficiency, packaging and waste. Tickets are available for £225 + VAT per person. To book call Helen Law on 01293 846587.
Click this link to visit our Baking Summit website With the baking industry under intense pressure to manage the impact of daily distribution schedules, high energy usage in production and the demands of global sourcing, CSR issues such as energy efficiency, ethical sourcing and waste management are high up the agenda of the forward-thinking business. The summit will look at what government, consumers and supermarkets are demanding from business and how to implement a CSR strategy from a bakery-specific perspective. Agenda items will include the Co-op’s launch of a Fairtrade bakery range and the benefits to suppliers of adopting a CSR strategy with a case study of Maple Leaf. The summit will be chaired by former National Farmers’ Union president Sir Ben Gill and held at One Great George Street, London. It follows on from the 2005 Baking Industry Summit on health, where speakers included health minister Caroline Flint and Sainsbury’s chief executive Justin King.