Seven finalists have been announced for the annual Master Chefs of Great Britain Young Pastry Chef competition.

The competition is for young pastry chefs aged 23 and under, and offers a chance for them to showcase their skills to a group of judges, which this year includes Mick Burke, Ross Sneddon, Benoit Blin, Mark Poynton, Jerome Dreux and Liam Grimes.

Entrants were required to submit dish names, recipes, methods, timings and costs for a plated restaurant dessert and a chocolate Easter egg, which was to be presented with a moulded praline filled with flavoured ganache petits fours and pâté de fruit. 

The seven finalists – Ance Kristone, Chahna Davis, Chloe Hammond, Fiona Bailey, Jess Rawlins, Julien Piveteau and Mark MacGechan – will now have to produce the dishes at the final at The Claire Clarke Academy, Milton Keynes College, on 9 April.

The winner will receive the David Lyell Scholarship, which includes a trip to Felchlin in Switzerland to attend the Condirama course, an engraved silver salver and £250 in cash. Second and third place will receive £150 and £100 respectively.