The Museum of Architecture is showcasing a Gingerbread City at the V&A Museum.

Open until Sunday (6 January), the exhibition contains more than 60 buildings made entirely from gingerbread by architects. engineers and designers.

The city is fully lit and includes a cinema, library, school, city farm, museum, sports stadium and botanical gardens. It also features skyscraper office blocks, riverside homes, landmarks, green roofs, bridges and cycle ways.

The Gingerbread City is an annual exhibition organised by the Museum of Architecture. To celebrate this year’s exhibition, families can have a go at building their own gingerbread house at a series of workshops hosted by the Museum of Architecture.

“It’s another thrilling year for Gingerbread City,” said Melissa Woolford, founder and director of the Museum of Architecture.

“The architects and designers have worked long through the night to bring us their best design ideas. They have practised their bakes and made every blob of icing count. It has all come together to make a futuristic, inclusive and sustainable city on a mini scale.”

All images credit: Luke Hayes