Russell Finex (stand J130) will feature two new units that complement its range of powder sieves and liquid filters.

The Russell 3in1 Sieving Station has been engineered to include a fully integrated screw conveyor. By combining the screening and movement of powders the process is simplified, removing double-handling and increasing productivity.

The stand-alone 3in1 combines three features designed to aid good manufacturing practice: a low-level sack-tip platform with dust hood and integrated dust extraction system; a Russell Compact 600 Sieve; and a magnetic trap. These sieve and remove impurities from the bagged ingredients while protecting operatives from the potential health hazards caused by dust inhalation.

The integrated and fully enclosed conveyor moves material through a hygiene break or onto the next processing stage without the use of collection bins or wheeled containers.

Russell Finex will also be exhibiting its new 502 Eco Filter – the latest addition to its range of Eco Self Cleaning Filters. The 502 model has been re-engineered to provide greater benefits to liquid food processors. It eliminates contamination from liquids in a clean and simple fashion without the mess and environmental impact