A new firm, Tromp Bakery Systems (TBS) (stand J200 at Food & Bake), has been formed to supply bakery and food processing equipment from five specialist European manufacturers to the UK and Irish food industries.

Although the Hereford-based company is new, the range of equipment it offers is already well-established.

As the name of the firm suggests, machinery from Netherlands manufacturer Tromp Bakery Equipment represents a large part of the TBS portfolio. The Dutch firm manufactures equipment for bread production and decoration, pastry sheeting and laminating, make-up and finishing, depositing and injecting, pie-forming and filling, as well as pizza base blocking or sheeting and topping.

The company constructs standalone units or automatic production lines, including the new Expandable 600 series of modular sheeting, laminating and make-up lines.

European partners

Another partner is Belgian company Siloba, which produces external silos, weigh heads, dosing equipment, as well as metering and process control systems.

Supply of industrial tunnel ovens is handled by another Dutch firm, Vanderpol Baking Systems. The company specialises in direct- and indirect-fired oven lines for bread, cake, pastry, wafer and waffle production, supplemented by intelligent tray handling and storage systems.

Fourth in the partnership is Belgian firm Magnatech, which makes four-rack cooling systems for batch operation and continuous in-line cooling tunnels for products exiting a tunnel oven. Under the brand name Magnacool, the firm can supply a cooling solution for most products.

Completing the picture, is Italian firm Berto Industria, the largest manufacturer of industrial dough mixers and mixing systems in Europe. The company’s product range covers fixed and removable bowl mixers with dough capacities up to 300kg.

TBS has dedicated resources for project management and after-sales service and, as an alternative to direct sales of equipment, says it can offer rental over a fixed period.

The firm’s customer base includes plant bakeries and smaller independent companies.