Although some bakers have realised the potential for ice cream sales, many have baulked at the idea of investing in specialist equipment, finding suitable products and suppliers, and training staff.

The Ice Cream Alliance (ICA) (stand L300/310) has come up with a solution to these problems, which provides an easy way for bakers to benefit from selling ice cream during the peak season.

It has teamed up with leading players in the ice cream industry including ice cream manufacturer Beechdean Dairies, refrigeration supplier Lowe Refrigeration and foodservice distributor 3663.

The problem of investing in equipment has been overcome as bakers are able to rent a tray display freezer, with six or seven flavours, for 13 weeks, to cover the main selling season. The freezer is delivered and installed by Lowe.

Product selection has been taken care of by Beechdean by using its market knowledge and ice cream expertise to put together a range of fast-selling flavours.

These are supplied in saleable, storable quantities through 3663 which will also supply two sizes of cones and flakes to complete a simply priced, quick and easy range.

To get them off to a sound start, bakers receive a starter pack which contains useful items such as ordering forms, serving scoops and cone holders, along with easy-to-follow information on ice cream storage, handling and marketing.

“The end result of this team work is that bakers can approach the summer with eager anticipation of the extra sales and footfall that selling quality ice cream will deliver for only an initial outlay of around £300, plus stock,” says the ICA.

This low-cost of entry to the ice cream market means that bakers should start earning extra profit after selling just 30 cones per week.