A woman eating a biscuit at a desk

Source: Getty Images

Publication date: Wednesday 26 July 2023

Editorial submissions date: Wednesday 19 July 2023

Editorial contact: Amy North amy.north@wrbm.com


This feature will explore the snacking sector and the role baked goods play within it – from biscuits to cakes at home, buns and doughnuts on the go, and more.

Key questions this feature will explore:

  • What are the main baked goods consumed as a snack and why?
  • What are consumer priorities when it comes to snacking? Health? Convenience? Etc?
  • Where are consumers likely to buy their bakery snacks from?
  • How are bakeries of all sizes catering to these needs?
  • What opportunities are there for other baked goods, such as savoury ones, on the snacking scene?