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Publication date: Wednesday 19 July 2023

Editorial submissions date: Wednesday 12 July 2023

Editorial contact: Dan Riley Dan.Riley@wrbm.com

This feature will explore the bakery supply chain, the pressure points within it, and what companies are doing to strengthen it. Topics it will discuss include food fraud, ingredients and labour shortages, allergen control, technology advancements, and more.

Key questions this feature will explore:

  • What are the main challenges and pressure points in the bakery supply chain?
  • How are businesses across the supply chain tackling them?
  • What can businesses do to strengthen their supply chain?
  • What part does technology have to play in strengthening the bakery supply chain?
  • How important is traceability in the supply chain? How much do consumers want to know?
  • When it comes to sustainability, what are the supply chain priorities? How far up the priority list is sustainability compared to the other challenges?