It’s Veganuary, a month-long celebration of a meat- and dairy-free lifestyle. But going vegan doesn’t have to mean giving up pies, cakes and doughnuts.

Increasingly, the nation’s bakers and food-to-go specialists are catering to vegans with products made from nut milks, vegan butter and other alternatives. Animal rights group PETA UK has even created a petition for bakery chain Greggs to launch a vegan sausage roll.

Until that happens, however, here are some standout new vegan products hitting the market this Veganuary.

Red Velvet Cupcake - Hummingbird Bakery

Hummingbird Bakery is rolling out its first vegan lines in the form of Red Velvet Cupcakes and a Whole Red Velvet Cake. The treats will be available at seven of its bakeries across London and Surrey, and will be baked on-site with the “best possible ingredients”.

Kevin - Pieminister

Say hello to Kevin the err… pie. Taking a note out of Sainsbury’s book, which named its vegan cheese range Gary, Kevin is made with chestnut mushrooms, tomato, red wine and baby onions, as well as quinoa and thyme. It is priced at £2.80 in Waitrose and Pieminister stores.

Cornelius Fudge – Doughnut Time

The Minister of Magic has arrived! Cornelius Fudge, named after the Harry Potter character, is a vegan doughnut with chocolate glaze, topped with brownies and toasted hazelnuts. The doughnut is made with vegan substitutes such as vegan butter.

Seitan & Ale Pie – Young Vegans

Hail Seitan! This wheat-based meat substitute is quickly gaining favour among vegans, particularly when it is marinated in a rich ale gravy and encased in a pie crust. Young Vegans, a vegan pie and mash shop at Camden Market, London, does just that for the price of £7.50.

Yuzu & Matcha Doughnut – Crosstown Doughnuts

Camden Market’s Crosstown Doughnuts serves up vegan options on rotation every Friday-Sunday. New flavours include Chocolate Truffle, Strawberry & Elderflower, Vanilla Glaze and the unique Yuzu & Matcha (pictured), priced at £3.80 or 12 for £30.

Chocolate Raspberry Cake – Konditor & Cook

Konditor & Cook is rolling out this vegan Chocolate Raspberry Cake across its six London stores from 15 January. This dense chocolate and raspberry sponge with raspberry compote and vegan chocolate ganache is made using soya milk, cocoa and vegan butter.

Paradise Slice – Costa

Costa is becoming more vegan friendly as it rolls out dairy-free coconut milk across its stores. Also joining the menu is the vegan Paradise Slice. It features coconut and vine fruit bound in coconut cream, topped with dark chocolate, dried raspberry and nibbed pistachios.

Chocolate & Aubergine Fondant – Gatō & Co

Gatō & Co’s range of desserts, available in Sainsbury’s and Ocado, are made with 100% natural ingredients and are free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar and flour. The range consists of Chocolate & Aubergine Fondant, Orange & Cardamom Polenta Sponge and Chocolate & Coconut Brownie.

Peanut & Vanilla Crunch – Tofurei

This Norwich-based all-vegan coffee shop makes and sells its own tofu, soya milk and ‘soysages’. It regularly refreshes its menu with baked goods, such as the Peanut Vanilla Crunch Cake, which joined before Christmas, alongside the Biscoff cake and Mocha Chocca.

Arcobaleno Pizza – Zizzi

Meaning ‘rainbow’ in Italian, the new Arcobaleno pizza from Zizzi features pink beetroot ‘beatballs’, sun-blushed tomatoes, chilli, purple basil and avocado. Created in collaboration with the World Avocado Organisation, the vegan pizza is included in Zizzi’s two-for-one deal on all main vegan dishes.