Richmond-based business The Richmond Hill Bakery has opened a temporary art exhibition on its shop floor, inspired by the borough’s scenery.

Richmond Reflections opened at the start of September and will run until Sunday 23 October. Local artist Nadia Day created the paintings for the business.

Day told yourlocalguardian: “It was important to me to position my work in a truly local setting for Richmond dwellers, and this bakery near the park and the glorious Turner view of the Thames is always a hub of activity; from dog walkers to parents on the school run.

“It is a bustling lifestyle destination. I am hoping my painted views will catch people’s attention in a complimentary way.”

The bakery wants to make a permanent space for displaying new artwork by local artists. Bakery manager Jo Holland told yourlocalguardian: “I want to introduce local and contemporary artists’ work to my clients, celebrating a creative art hub destination.

“I would like to provide a creative environment full of inspiration, celebrating the variety of riches life and art has to offer.”