London-based The Bread Factory has teamed up with executive chef Nieves Barragán Mohacho from Michelin-star restaurant Barrafina to develop an artichoke sourdough, with all profits to be donated to Action Against Hunger.

The move follows on from an Eat Bake Love event, organised by The Bread Factory, which saw a top line-up of chefs cook bakery-themed dishes and raise over £13,000 for the charity.

Mohacho, who comes from the Basque region of Spain, selected the ingredients to enable the sourdough to convey the flavours and food culture she grew up with, including Arbequina olive oil and sage-infused Jerusalem artichokes.

Her collaborative partner at The Bread Factory is head of sourdough development Remek Sanetra, who has a history of creating award-winning sourdough loaves.

The artichoke sourdough is made from a 24-year-old Italian biga sourdough started, combined with 100% Canadian strong Manitoba flour, salt and water, along with the peppery olive oil. The mixture is allowed to rest, then the artichokes are folded in and the hand-shaped loaves are proved for 18 hours to allow the flavours to develop.

The loaves are then bakes in stone-based ovens and the bread is delivered fresh to top restaurants, cafes and hotels across London and beyond. The artichoke sourdough, which will be available from 6 October to all existing and new customers of The Bread Factory, was a finalist in the Speciality Bread of the Year category at the 2016 Baking Industry Awards.