The Artisan Bakery has rolled out a retail range of seven pastries for Harvey Nichols and some Co-op Food branches in London.

The handmade packaged pastries include the Copenhagen Danish, with minced apricots, almond frangipane and raisins sandwiched between artisan bakery croissant dough and lemon fondant glazing.

Its ‘for retail’ collection also features the Chocolate Twist, with 58% Dark Belgium chocolate and crème pâtissière made with Madagascan vanilla pods wrapped in Viennoiserie dough.

“We’re very excited to launch our range for retail, particularly with two such huge names in quality and conscience,” said Andrew Murray, CEO of the Artisan Bakery.

“Customers are becoming increasingly eco-focused and the ability to purchase a fresh product made at a local bakery with low delivery miles, from a big retailer is appealing.”

The new range is available in packs of two. Existing customers and new retail customers had requested handmade products to be packaged for their ‘grab and go’ clientele, according to the company.

Chocolate Twist