Asda and Sainsbury’s have been selling each other’s own-label pikelets following a supply chain mix-up.

Manufacturer Allied Bakeries, which makes Kingsmill bread, told British Baker it is looking into what went wrong after sharp-eyed shoppers spotted the pikelets -  a cross between a crumpet and pancake - on shelves in the wrong supermarket.

Facebook user Kelly Simpson posted a photo of ‘6 Pikelets by Sainsbury’s’ on a shelf in an Asda store in Lancashire. Meanwhile, Twitter user Karrie Alexander spotted Asda’s pikelets on shelf in Sainsbury’s. Asda’s pikelets are sold for 75p, 10p cheaper than Sainsbury’s own-label ones.

“We supply a range of bakery products for a small number of UK supermarkets alongside our high-quality branded loaves,” an Allied Bakeries spokesperson said.

“The recipe and specifications for these products are set individually by our retail customers. While we cannot comment in detail on any individual customer, in this case something appears to have gone wrong in the supply chain and we are of course looking into exactly what happened.”

Commenting on the mix-up, a spokesperson from Asda said: “Oops. Even though there was a mix-up it’s good to see that we are still offering the best price for our customers.”

Sainsbury’s added: “Sainsbury’s products are made to our own specifications and offer great quality and value. Not all pikelets are the same.”