Scottish bakers have launched a campaign to gain European Union Protected Food Name status for the Dundee cake.

Martin Goodfellow of Edinburgh-based cake shop Goodfellow & Steven met with a number of Scottish bakers in Dundee’s City Square to discuss a plan of action to protect the status of the traditional fruit cake, which contains candied peel and almonds.

Members who attended the meeting included Sandy and Ben Milne of Fisher and Donaldson, Mark Robb from JM Bakery, Alan Clark of Clarks Bakery, and Iain Murray from The Baker Trade of Dundee.

Goodfellow said: ’’Although the Dundee cake is a product that is known nationally, it does not currently enjoy any geographical protection and is produced in a number of locations and to various quality levels throughout the UK. It is such a significant part of our heritage and it is important that the cake is rightfully associated with the city in which it originated."

The Dundee cake originates as a by-product of Dundee’s marmalade maker, Keiller’s.