Baketime Ltd has apologised for “any inconvenience” caused after it recalled batches of Aldi, Happy Shopper and Bestway own-label snacks. 

In a statement, the baked goods food producer confirmed pest activity had twice been identified at its Middlesbrough-based premises this year; in January and again in March, when the factory temporarily halted production. 

The company said the facility was declared free of pests within two weeks of the first incident being reported, following a programme of “intense control measures”.

However, further evidence of pest activity was identified in March, when Baketime took the decision to temporarily cease production.

Baketime said in a statement: “As a precautionary measure, the company also decided to recall products manufactured between 18 January 2016 and 16 March 2016.

“On 23 March 2016, the production area was again declared clear of pest activity and, after determining that it was safe to produce, Baketime recommenced manufacturing. We continue to work closely with our local EHO and pest control contractor to ensure that the issue has been properly eradicated and hygienic standards on-site are upheld.”

Aldi’s Ginger Nuts, Cheese Thins, Cheese Bakes, and Oddbites in cheese, salt & vinegar and smoky bacon flavours were among the 16 products recalled.

Action plan

Baketime confirmed it had implemented a “comprehensive action plan” to prevent a reoccurrence of the issue.

The statement added: “There has been no evidence of any contamination to any of our products produced. However, in the interests of health and safety and on a purely precautionary basis, a recall was announced on certain batch codes.

“The company apologises for any inconvenience this has caused.”