Scottish pastry manufacturer Bells Food Group is anticipating a £500,000 jump in sales for its festive steak pie range, with its Christmas turnover predicted to exceed £2.5m.

Sales for its steak pies hit £2m last December, and Bells has taken on 20 additional staff members to keep up with the demand.

Bells Food Group chairman John Bell said the business was “incredibly proud” of its steak pies, which come in 1.1kg or 1.7kg sizes. They contain slowly braised steak and are topped with a puff pastry.

“We’ve been baking them at the factory in Shotts for 85 years, so we know a thing or two about what makes the perfect steak pie,” he added. “We bake more than a million steak pies every year and are anticipating additional sales this month.”

Bells said 33 million of its pies are sold every year and claimed 10% of the Scottish population eats a Bells pie every week.

In November, Bells extended its pie collection with a range of Deep Filled Pies, which included chicken and mince and onion.