Tesco has come under fire after changing the recipe for its own-label custard creams.

The biscuits have reduced salt and sugar compared to previous versions, and were tested by a panel of 250 consumers before hitting shelves. Tesco said the panel preferred the new texture and praised the crumbliness and creaminess of the biscuits.

“We extensively test our new products with customers to help make sure they become a real hit. They rated our new custard creams as being even tastier than the old recipe, and as they contain less salt and sugar, they are a little bit healthier too,” a Tesco spokesperson said.

However, not everyone was impressed, with some consumers claiming the biscuits were “not as good for dunking”.

One Twitter user said: “So you’ve changed the custard creams? And made them smaller… but the price is the same. I’m not having none of that, sunshine.”

Another added: “My dad’s fuming you’ve changed the custard cream recipe. ‘Don’t they know they are killing England?!’ Think you’ve lost a customer.”