Brioche Pasquier has rebranded its Petites Baguettes as Ficelles de Pain and added a new flavour.

The French bakery company said the name change and introduction of a brioche flavour reflected its heritage.

“We are a proudly French company and specialise in French bakery products, so we decided to revert to the original name for this product,”explained marketing executive Victoria Lane. 

Ficelles de Pain are made from French bread or brioche, which is baked twice, making them crunchy and a great alternative to crackers or rolls with savoury or sweet toppings.

Brioche Pasquier suggested serving them alongside salads and soups or topping with cream cheese and smoked salmon to make an elegant starter or canapé.

It added that the new sweet brioche flavour would work well with soft cheeses and fruit, for example ricotta and balsamic cherries, or topped with chocolate spread and strawberries.