Burton’s Biscuit Company has won an IGD Award for its achievement in using consumer insights to develop its products.

The award recognised the modernisation of Cadbury Fingers, which Burton’s developed into Cadbury Fabulous Fingers. The brand is now worth £7.1m in annual sales.

Burton’s said the creation of Cadbury Fabulous Fingers was “part of the company’s focus on investing and extending its stable of iconic British Biscuits”.  

Taking place on 8 October and hosted by Gabby Logan, the winners were picked by representatives from IGD, Diageo, Fairtrade Foundation, and Marks & Spencer.  

Stuart Wilson, chief marketing officer, said: This award is reflective of Burtons commitment to delighting consumers by bringing new and innovative products to market quicker than anyone else in the sector. Continued and significant investment in R&D will see Burtons continue to lead from the front, driving value through our Power Brands and transforming the biscuit aisle.

The product was launched in September 2011 in response to consumer research showing that chocolate biscuit lovers did not find the classic Cadbury Fingers’ single layer satisfying enough.

Ed Culf, marketing director at General Mills, sponsors of the Award, said: “We had another year of high-quality entries, and it was a very close contest between the finalists.

“Burton’s Biscuit Company won because of the effective way it used consumer insight, taking a brand that has been the same since 1951 and creatively modernising it. They were also quick to take it from the development stage to the products hitting supermarket shelves.

“The new Cadbury Fabulous Fingers range has re-energised the brand, appealing to new customers and boosting sales without disaffecting its core consumers.”