Artisan hand-cooked potato crisp manufacturer Burts has unveiled that the winner of the ‘ultimate crisp sandwich’, as voted by the nation, is the Roasted Vegetable Picnic Roll.

The company partnered with TV chef Dean Edwards to encourage Brits to have a lunch to look forward to, and launched an eight-week campaign, which ran across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

A total of 10,877 snacking enthusiasts voted via the crisp company’s election process, with the definitive ranking of crisp sandwiches as follows:

  1. Roasted Vegetable Picnic Roll – combining fresh summer flavours with Burts’ Vintage Cheddar and Spring Onion
  2. Beef Yorkie – filling a Yorkshire pudding with Burts’ Devon Roast Beef flavour
  3. Steak baguette – a twist on the classic sandwich using Sea Salt and Crushed Peppercorns
  4. Lobster Cocktail – the ’70s favourite gets a modern crunchy makeover with Burts’ Firecracker Lobster flavour
  5. Spicy Chorizo Chicken Club – a triple decker sandwich with extra texture, heat and flavour.
  6. Truffled Egg Mayonnaise – adding extra crunch, bite and luxury to this filling
  7. Sweet Chilli Quesadilla – cheese, guacamole, and bites of Spicy Thai Sweet Chilli crisps.
  8. Cheese and Pickled Onion – Dean’s childhood favourite, with added tang mixed with Sea Salt and Malted Vinegar flavour.

Simon Knight, Sales and Marketing Director for Burt’s Chips told British Baker: "We wanted to put the crunch back into lunch and show consumers that mealtimes don’t have to be dull and sandwiches can be creative and delicious. Our fans love experimenting and we set out to inspire them to enjoy their favourite crisps in a new and exciting way.

He added: "We had an overwhelming number of responses to our campaign, with 10,877 votes on what the great British public deem the ’Ultimate Crisp Sandwich’. Our bespoke videos demonstrating how to construct some of TV chef Dean Edwards’ recipes were viewed over 270,000 times, and the corresponding social campaign reached 1.5 million. Understandably we were thrilled with the results and the number of consumer and customers who got involved with our campaign."