French chocolatier Valrhona has developed a product exclusively for London’s Hotel Café Royal.

Profile 66, developed by Hotel Café Royal’s executive pastry chef Andrew Blas and the Valrhona team, will be used in all chocolate patisserie, petits fours and drinks throughout the hotel’s outlets, including The Ten Room restaurant and Green Bar.

A chocolate bar of the same flavour profile will launch at Easter to be sold both in the cafe, as well as forming part of the in room mini bar offering in the hotel. It will be called Profile 66, owing to it’s 66% cocoa content.

The chocolate is described at having “floral notes, followed by nuttiness and a hint of spicy citrus, ending with a cocoa silky finish”.

The collaboration came about after Blas expressed his ambition to develop a chocolate that would carry a certain flavour and also work equally well in many products including cakeas, pastries and confectionery.

Development began in April and the chocolate was eventually made in partnership with Sandrine Taupin, Valrhona development engineer
and Marie Repoux, Valrhona sensory studies and methods manager.

Cocoa beans in the product are sourced from South American and African plantations.