A four-strong range of topped and filled muffins is on the way from CSM Bakery Solutions.

Triple caramel, chocolate nougat, banana & toffee and raspberry & yoghurt are the chosen flavours, with all four made using free-range eggs, non-hydro fats and natural flavours, free from preservatives.

Lisa Boswell, trade marketing manager, said: “Muffins appeal to all age ranges and are an easy way to draw in new customers, and increase the spend of existing ones. We conducted a European U&A study this year and found that almost half of consumers prefer a filled muffin, with 32% opting for a fruit filling and 34% opting for chocolate.

“These eye-catching muffins are both convenient and taste great, so we expect them to be extremely popular with bakers, foodservice operators and consumers. There’s clear profit potential for businesses as the thaw-and-serve format offers the utmost in convenience and avoids any extra wastage.”