Bristol’s Stock Exchange Bakery has combined doughnuts and sourdough cinnamon buns to create a healthier hybrid product known as dobuns.

The handmade cinnamon buns are the bakery’s best-selling product, but the company felt there was an opportunity to offer a lighter, healthier option. The resulting dobuns, which are baked not fried, have significantly less saturated fat than the original product and are proving popular just a week after being launched.

Owner and head baker George Turner said: "I am very conscious of the growing market in the ’healthy foods’ sector and felt that baked goods are not exempt from this growing trend.

She added:  “I wanted to develop a healthier version of favourites such as doughnuts and cinnamon buns.”

The Stock Exchange Bakery opened in October and produces handmade cakes, bread and seasonal treats.

In March The Doughnut Project, in the US, unveiled a sweet and savoury pastry hybrid topped with cream cheese, sesame seeds and garlic.