The campaign to gain Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status for the Dundee Cake is gaining momentum, as Scottish bakers will meet to decide on a single recipe.

According to the BBC News website, a series of campaigners are due to gather today (Thursday 9 August) to define a common recipe and approved ingredients list for the traditional Scottish cake. It usually consists of almonds, candied peel, marmalade, glacé cherries and dried fruit, but many variants have been developed over the years.

In an interview on BBC Radio Scotland, Martin Goodfellow, who is championing the move, said that to have a food product directly associated with the city is a good opportunity for Dundee and for businesses in the area.

“One of the things we will discuss in coming meetings is exactly how you define where it can be produced and what constitutes Dundee Cake. We are in the early stages of this, so it is too soon to say how it will pan out,” he added.

British Baker spoke to Goodfellow of the Edinburgh-based cake shop Goodfellow & Steven in June, who said he had arranged a meeting in May with Jennifer Caswell, team leader of Economic Projects at Dundee City Council, to protect the name and recipe of the traditional fruit cake.

Attendees of the meeting, which was the early stages of the campaign, included Ben Milne of Fisher and Donaldson, Mark Robb from JM Bakery, Alan Clark of Clarks, and Iain Murray of The Baker Trade of Dundee.

Milne said: “We are in the process of digging through newspaper archives, recipe books and historical information to put forward evidence that the Dundee Cake recipe is specific to the region.”