Mr Kipling is looking to tap into consumers’ nostalgic needs with a new range of lunchbox-style cakes.

The cake brand, part of Premier Foods, has launched its Chequers range of cakes, which includes two varieties – chocolate and strawberry – in the same style of a mini Battenberg. The new products have been made without marzipan in a bid to appeal to both younger and older customers.

Michelle Wilde, brand director of cake, Premier Foods, said: “As market leader in the cake category, Premier Foods is committed to keeping the Mr Kipling range relevant for the evolving needs of today’s consumers. By adding a modern twist to traditional favourites we are catering for a new audience who find cake products which blur the boundaries with other categories like confectionery very appealing and ultimately driving sales for retailers.”

Premier Foods also launched a box of four Chocolate Mini Classics in August under the Mr Kipling brand, which are filled with chocolate butter cream and dusted with icing sugar.

The Chequers range, which has been specifically designed for lunchboxes and the general snacking market and come in packs of five, are available in cases of 12 with a MRRP of £1.59.