Helston-based company The Good Food Bakery has launched what it claims is the world’s first gluten-free Cornish pasty after taking four years to develop the product.

The bakery celebrated the official launch of the gluten-free Cornish pasty by handing out its new range on the streets of Falmouth for the public to try.

The new product, which has been certified by Coeliac UK, contains certain secret ingredients as well as products such as vegetable fat and rice flour.

The Good Food Bakery has baked pasties for many years, and there was a growing demand from its customers to supply them without gluten.

Owner Mark Rudd told West Briton News: “Gluten free is a rapidly growing sector and we spotted a gap in the market for an officially certified and great-tasting Cornish pasty.

He added: “Many people cannot eat gluten and one of the things they miss is pastry, so we wanted to give them back the traditional food they love - whether it’s a steak, vegetarian or cheese Cornish pasty.”

The pasties are priced at £3.90 each.