Dinara Kasko is an architectural pastry chef from Ukraine. We’ve compiled a gallery of some of her amazing (and edible) works of art.

Having graduated with an architecture degree, Kasko worked as a designer-visualiser and photographer for three years in Holland. But a longstanding passion for pastry then took her in a different direction.

Kasko designs cakes and desserts as if they were scale-models of buildings, and uses 3D-modelling technologies to create silicon cake moulds. After first modelling the designs in 3DMAX on a computer, she then prints the master model on a 3D printer, which she then uses to cast the silicon moulds.

In their completed forms, her cakes resemble diagrammatic models of contemporary architecture.

She said: “In my creations, I’ve used such geometric constructing principles as triangulation, the Voronoi diagram and biomimicry, which is using the models, systems and elements of nature, macro elements in general.

It can be anything - fragmentation of expanding shells in spiral, herb structure, or the form that bubbles take.”

To find out more, go to www.dinarakasko.com


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