It was widely reported high street bakery chain Greggs had scrapped scones from its 1,700 stores, and there was a furious reaction from consumers. But the claims have been denied.

Fruit, cheese and bran scones had previously been a staple at the high street bakery, but there were reports this week that they had been consigned to the bin. Greggs said this was not the case.

A Greggs spokesperson, said: "Reports that Greggs no longer sell scones are not true."

But while the rumours were abounding, scone fans around the UK were fuming.

A user on Twitter calling herself Loulou wrote: “Greggs have stopped making fruit scones. Bizarre. xx - feeling devastated.”

Scone fan Simon Reeves, 36, of Harrow, north west London, said he was left fuming after popping into his local branch for a fruit scone this week.

He said: “The lady behind the counter looked at me as if I was mad when I asked for a fruit scone.

“She said they didn’t sell scones and asked if I wanted a sausage roll instead!”

The reports in national newspapers said Greggs had started a “phased withdrawal” of scones earlier this year, but this week it was confirmed that there are now no stores left selling scones. A spokesperson from Greggs told British Baker that this is not the case.

Last week Greggs announced it was trialling a home delivery service called Greggs Delivered, which, if successful, will roll out nationwide.