Cake cases manufacturer Herald is to expand its Barking facilities following a 20% increase in sales of bespoke bakery products over the past year.

The company - which sells cupcake, muffin and jelly cases - says independent bakers and smaller bakery chains are driving growth in its printed products, and Herald will be increasing its bakery range over the coming 12 months to drive further growth.

Alongside a range expansion, Herald is investing £1m in extending manufacturing and storage facilities, including investment in extra injection moulding machines.

Herald has also added a business development team to its staff and is due to launch a new website later this year to showcase its new range.

“There is an appetite for tailored designs and branded items as businesses have to work harder to stand out in an increasingly competitive market. A lot of our customers are taking the first steps in moving away from plain white or brown packaging,” said Herald MD Yogesh Patel.

Bakers are prepared to pay more for printed items, Patel added, as they develop an identity and look to stand out from the rest of the market.

 “The key to securing new business for us will lie in our ability to hold larger amounts of stock, thanks to our increased warehouse space, and the variety of our range. As long as we continue to ensure our products are competitively priced, the upward sales trajectory should continue,” he said.