Northern Irish bakery Irwin’s has developed a new product aimed at health-conscious consumers.

Sandwich Skinnys are lower-calorie bread products, which contain less than 100 calories per ‘bread pocket’. They have been launched in white and brown versions, and have been created to meet the growing demand from consumers seeking a lighter packed lunch option, said the firm.

Hannan Robinson, marketing manager at Irwin’s Bakery, said: “While bread is a naturally low-fat food, we know that many consumers are looking for lower-calorie alternatives to their lunchtime sandwich, particularly at this time of year.

“Sandwich Skinnys are one option that can save around 100 calories when compared to a normal sandwich and we’ve really seen a lift in sales in January.”

The product is already listed in Tesco in Northern Ireland and Great Britain, Asda and several convenience store groups, and aims to sit within the growing ‘sandwich alternatives’ market.

According to Irwins, the market grew by 17.7% in 2013, and is one it is following closely.