Irwin’s Bakery has succeeded in removing over one million food miles from its supply chain.

The Northern Irish brand has reduced its carbon footprint with a comprehensive audit of distribution channels in Great Britain.

The total number of miles saved amounts to almost 40 trips around the world, and is estimated to remove more than 138 tonnes of CO2 equivalent from the company’s carbon footprint per year.

JP Carvill, logistics manager, Irwin’s Bakery, said: “As our export business in Great Britain has grown so much in recent years, we decided it was time to streamline our distribution channels by using a greater number of smaller logistics partners in key distribution areas, rather than a single large-scale distribution hub.

“This change has resulted in improved efficiency in the supply chain and, we’re delighted to say, a great benefit to the environment.”

The Portadown-based company’s export sales in the GB market continue to grow through its Rankin Selection Irish breads range, made in conjunction with chef Paul Rankin.