Northern Ireland artisan bakery Krazibaker has linked up with one of the region’s emerging charcuterie producers Ispini Charcuterie to develop a soda bread with chorizo sausage.

Ispini Charcuterie, based on a family farm in Co Tyrone, has developed a portfolio of cured meat products including chorizo, salami, lomo and bresaola. Ispini is the Irish Gaelic word for sausages.

Mark Douglas, owner of Krazibaker, said he wanted to add flavours to the bread product that would increase interest, especially among younger consumers.

“I’ve decided to add chorizo to provide a new bread product and show my support for the emerging artisan charcuterie industry here,” Douglas said.

“There’s a couple of artisan businesses creating outstandingly tasty chorizo and salami products. It made sense to support them. In the past, I’ve also used award-winning guanciale from Hannan Meats in the sodas and this proved popular at markets across the island.”

Douglas has previously created a sourdough bread with Danish historian Lady Vibse Dunleath using flour from wheat provided by a local farmer. The majority of flour in Northern Ireland used for baking conventional bread is imported, as the climate hinders the growth of hard wheat for bread production.