Bakery supplier Lantmännen Unibake UK has revamped its Americana brand.

A new version of the Americana logo will retain its red and blue colours, so users can easily identify Americana products, and features typography similar to retro American diner signs. As part of the revamp, Lantmännen has also rolled out new packaging.

Rachel Shoosmith, marketing manager at Lantmännen Unibake UK, said the new visual identity would ensure standout across the company’s classic and gourmet fast food bread ranges.

“Our new gourmet packaging will give distinctive premium cues, which will act as a signpost for caterers looking to create a gourmet eating experience for their consumers,” she added.

All Americana products are supplied frozen and pre-sliced, so they can be defrosted when needed.

The range includes American-styled classic burger buns and hot dog rolls. They are made using the traditional American sponge-and-dough method to give a distinctive flavour and texture unique to Lantmännen Unibake in the UK, according to the company.