The macaron ice cream sandwich is the latest sandwich trend that has received a large amount of publicity from social media site, Instagram.

The new dessert sandwich, created by Los Angeles Café, The Steep House, has been posted more than 60,000 times by dessert lovers across the social media site.

The meringue-based confection is used, instead of biscuit or cookie dough, to sandwich together a thick scoop of ice cream.

Pop-up shop Yolkin, which is currently trading at the Siam Eatery in London, claims to be the first to sell these colourful creations in the UK.

Some of the flavours on sale include lychee and rose, chocolate chip cookie, red velvet, lemon sherbet, Horlicks and Snickers.

Other dessert trends proving popular include: the chouxnut - a hybrid doughnut made from choux pastry - which is more commonly used for making chocolate éclairs and profiteroles; the ice cream crone - a baked sugary doughnut that is shaped like a cone and used to hold scoops of ice-cream; and the ice cream clouds, which is ice cream that floats on a bed of white candy floss above the cone, making it appear as if the ice cream is suspended in mid-air.

In March, Ben and Jerry’s brought out the ‘Wich range to UK supermarkets.