London-based Bijou Choux, creator of Le Chouxnut, an éclair-doughnut hybrid, has seen its products listed in the foodhall of upmarket UK retailer Selfridges this month.

Le Chouxnut is a ring of choux pastry, filled with crème patissiere and topped with glaze and decorations.

The company offers several flavours in Le Chouxnut range, including Raspberry, comprising raspberry crème patissiere, meringue, raspberries and gold dust; Pistacho & Rose, featuring pistachio and rose crème patissiere, crushed macarons, crystallised rose petals and pistachios; Coffee; Vanilla; Salted Caramel; and Chocolate, with chocolate crème patissiere, chocolate glaze and chocolate popping candy.

Founder of Bijoux Choux Harpreet Baura gave up her job as a solicitor in 2009 to set up her own cake company.