Lucozade has launched a low-calorie sparkling energy drink brand, using natural flavours.

Lucozade Revive comes in three flavour varieties lemongrass with ginger, orange with açai, and cranberry with açai which all contain B vitamins and contain 50 calories per 380ml bottle.

Sophie Birrell, Lucozade Revive senior brand manager, said: "The range is a fantastic new addition to the energy drinks market, responding to consumer demand for healthier options. Low-calorie NPD, like Lucozade Sport Lite, has been a key driver of growth in the sports drink segment, and Revive is set for success by offering something completely new and relevant to consumers who don’t currently drink energy drinks.

"Supported by a £6.1m investment, Lucozade Revive provides a huge incremental sales opportunity for retailers."

Single bottles of Lucozade Revive have an RRP of 99p and multipacks of four bottles retail at £2.99. Its cranberry and açai variant will initially only be available in Tesco.