Mr Kipling, the cake producer, is aiming to attract new shoppers with the launch of two limited-edition versions of its Fancies.

The Premier Foods-owned company said the Cocktail Fancies and Strawberries & Cream Fancies would be available in the grocery channel from mid-May in packs of eight with an MRSP of £1.50.

Packs of the Cocktail Fancies contain three Mojito, two Piña Colada and three Raspberry Daiquiri flavoured cakes. With distinct packaging, the company says the product aims to bring a point of difference to the cake category and is ideal for the “big night in” occasion. The company launched limited-edition Cocktail Fancies last year but this year has replaced the Peach Bellini option with the Mojito flavour.

Meanwhile, the Strawberries & Cream Fancies feature a strawberry flavoured sponge with a vanilla topping, covered in a soft, cream-flavoured fondant icing. The company said the cakes are designed to be enjoyed by the whole family and claims they have a distinct appearance, taste and aroma which differentiates them from the classic French Fancies range.

Kelly Davis, Mr Kipling marketing controller at Premier Foods, said: “Special editions not only enable us to offer exciting new flavours but also help attract new shoppers to the cake category. Our insight shows us that these types of flavour appeal to younger, more affluent consumers.

“Whereas only 10% of pre-family consumers normally buy ambient packaged cakes, the figure almost tripled (27%) when we launched the Mr Kipling Cocktail Fancies last year. With our classic French Fancies growing at +11% year-on-year, these new variants are perfectly placed to help retailers increase cake sales.”