National Doughnut Week has raised £25,131 for charity The Children’s Trust.

Sponsored by CSM Bakery Solutions, the week aims to raise funds for the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injuries.

“This year’s National Doughnut Week was another huge success,” said Lisa Boswell from CSM. “The bakers and coffee shops really got into the spirit and created some wonderful doughnuts for the occasion, increasing footfall and encouraging customers to participate. The Children’s Trust is a fantastic charity and we are pleased to reveal another brilliant fundraising result.”

Bakeries such as JG Ross, SM Bayne, Warings Bakery, Leakers Bakery, Cavan Bakery and Greenhalgh’s all took part in the fundraising event, held from 6-13 May this year.

Birds Bakery was recognised for its efforts in raising £9,000 for the charity, and was rewarded by CSM with a certificate for its contribution.

Mike Holling, head of retail at Birds Bakery, said the company was thrilled to be recognised for taking part in the fundraising event.

“Our target this year was to raise £8,000 and we smashed this by raising £9,000 - our biggest achievement yet,” said Holling.

“We sold 44,611 doughnuts during the week, up 24% compared to last year, and our new salted caramel doughnut, which was launched during National Doughnut Week, definitely helped to drive this.”

National Doughnut Week has been running for the past 26 years after being launched in 1991 by independent baker Christopher Freeman, owner of Dunn’s Bakery.