Kent-based Oast to Host is rolling out a new gluten-free flour range.

The bakery’s Pastry Flour is designed to create crisp puff or shortcrust pastry, while bakers can use Cake Flour to create a fluffy cake sponge.

The flours contain corn, rice, potato, xanthan and egg albumen.

Aimed at caterers, hoteliers and foodservice providers, the products are gluten-free, wheat-free and vegetarian.

Pastry Flour is easy to use, roll and bake, and is suited to beginners or experts, said the company. It can be made into sweet, plain or dairy-free shortcrust, puff pastry or shortbread.

The Cake Flour can create a moist light sponge, which can be turned into sticky toffee pudding, scones, blinis, biscuits and cakes, it added.

“Gluten-free pastry is notoriously tricky to get right using the usual wheat replacement flours. Co-founder Claire and I have spent years iterating the recipe to get it perfect. It has been a joy that so many professional and celebrity chefs, together with home cooks have come back to us with their positive feedback,” said Sally Black, co-founder at Oast to Host.

The range is available in environmentally friendly, paper-based recyclable packaging.

“We weren’t planning to launch our flours for retail until we were approached by a major supermarket. We know the customer demand is there and it’s time for us to share our secret.”