Packaging manufacturer Parkside has developed a new share bag packaging range, manufactured with a substrate eucalyptus tree.

The Ooh-la- la tea biscuits pack, which is available in four flavours including lemon ginger chia, almond biscotti, coconut cookie and double chocolate hazelnut, has been established alongside ethical food brand Rhythm 108 to develop a pack made from sustainable sources such as eucalyptus trees, which is combustible at the end of its service life.

The pack comprises a bio-film called NatureFlex, created from wood pulp sustainably sourced from eucalyptus plantations in Brazil.

Paul Lenihan, new business development manager at Parkside, said that sustainability remains a hot topic among the packaging world.

“Consumers are demanding more environmentally friendly processes and retailers are responding by asking their supply chains to come up with innovative ways to save carbon and avoid end-of-life incineration and landfill,” said Lenihan.

“Rhythm 108 wanted packaging that addressed the needs of consumers and that fitted with its natural organic ethos. Parkside has answered this demand.”

Sidhi Mehta, founder of Rhythm 108, believes the Ooh-la-la biscuits target customers’ three preferences: healthy, wholesome ingredients and fabulous taste.

“The packaging is not only convenient and suited to today’s on-the-go lifestyle, it is environmentally friendly as it’s made from bio-based materials and can then be thrown in the compost bin at home.”