Pecan Deluxe Candy has launched a range of red velvet cake pieces.

Available in 6mm, 9mm and 12mm sizes, the range is supplied frozen and is manufactured from “kitchen cupboard” ingredients, according to the company.

The range can be baked twice to convert to ambient supply and used as a frosting on products such as cakes, muffins and doughnuts.

Liz Jones, research and development director for Pecan Deluxe Candy, said that although red velvet was originally a US confection, in recent times the cake has gained popularity across the globe.

“We have invested in extensive research and development to ensure our red velvet cake pieces live up to the luxurious taste, texture and colour expected of such a quality product – using entirely natural flavourings and colours,” Jones said.

“Food manufacturers can be confident Pecan Deluxe red velvet cake pieces are yet another innovative food tailoring solution that will ensure that their sweet foodstuffs stand out amongst mainstream competition.”

In April 2017, Pecan Deluxe launched Cheesecake Pieces targeted at the bakery and dessert sectors.