Pastry manufacturer Pidy is adding six retail products to its portfolio. 

The retail packs comprise six pastry products including light profiteroles, a 22cm ready-to-fill sweet pastry case, 12 mini cocktail shells, 12 mini vol au vents, nine neutral pastry cases and nine sweet pastry cases.

The products have been developed so that bakers can adapt them to their own recipes. It will follow this trend for the next three years as it hopes to make the brand resonate with UK consumers looking for quality recipe ideas.

Robert Whittle, UK general manager, said: “We are launching our best six selling retail lines alongside bespoke British recipes to entice the UK consumer and encourage them to create delicious patisserie. We see this launch as a major contribution to the bakery and home creation sector.

"We hope their ease of use and versatility will inspire the next generation of cooks. As a family-run company we want to encourage home-cooked and hand-finished creations that bring the family together.”

Pidy’s 21-strong retail product range is distributed by Hider Food Imports to customers, including Selfridges, Harrods and The Co-operative supermarket group.