Pidy, the Belgian pastry products business, has unveiled the straight-sided Tellines to its range due to customer demand and current food trends.

The Telline range is available as a sweet or neutral option and is part of a new development in pastry innovation - providing straight sides rather than the traditional fluted design.

The straight-sided neutral Tellines are suitable for either hot or cold fillings, and can be used equally well with savoury or sweet fillings. The sweet pastry version of the straight-sided Telline, with its thin and crisp texture, works with a variety of hot and cold fillings.

Paul Eason, chef and business development manager at Pidy UK, commented: “Reacting to customer feedback and ensuring we’re providing the very best products we can is of vital importance to us here at Pidy. As a result of this type of direct communication with our customers we’ve launched the new straight-sided Telline range.

“Our new Telline range offers what we believe to be, a more desirable pastry-to-filling ratio and one which is unrivalled in the current market. Not only this, the straight-sided look of the pastry is far more on-trend than the traditional fluted variety. As a result, these Tellines look both striking and modern on the plate.”

Earlier this month, Pidy organised a 270-mile bike ride from Northampton to Ypres, Belgium, with 28 amateur cyclists raising over 20k for the homeless charity, Northampton Hope Centre.