Dublin-based bakery, Krüst Bakery is following the trend of the Pokémon Go app by designing its own cronut product to make ‘poke balls’.

The new design, named the ‘Pokécronut’, which has been on sale this week to customers, merges donuts and croissants into a circular shape, covered by icing and chocolate to replicate the famous poke ball.

The Cronut was originally created by world-renowned French baker Dominique Ansel in the USA. Krüst Bakery claims to be the only wholesaler in Ireland that is able to provide a version of the ‘cronut’ and said it is constantly in high demand.

At the same time, Costa Coffee claims to have seen a 30% increase in footfall across its Pokémon spotting stores. Pokémon have been sighted in two Worcester Costa stores, since the app launch last Thursday, which in turn resulted in a 10% sales uplift for the retailer on the day of the launch.

Pokémon Go is a worldwide known augmented reality game for iOS and Android devices which uses GPS and Google maps to place Pokémon in the real world for consumers to catch and collect.

In April, Dominique Ansel revealed the proposed location of his first bakery in Europe - in London’s Belgravia.