Premier Foods has announced the expansion of its Mr Kipling Inspirations range with new ‘Dessert Classics’.

The bakery and food manufacturer has created two popular dessert favourites, including a Banoffee slice and Mississippi Mud Pies, which will land on shelves early in the new year.

The Banoffee slices will be available in new convenient snap-packs, which Premier Foods says has generated £29.2m in sales by tapping into consumer demand for on-the-go treats.  

Anthony Reynolds, category strategy manager for bakery at Premier Foods, said: “Our new Dessert Classics range targets teatime, the biggest sector within the cake category worth £20.2m, and builds on the success of our inspirations range refresh programme, which has delivered £17.6m of sales since its launch in August 2009.”

He added that the Great British Puds range generated £5.7m in sales and is confident that the success can be replicated.

The January 2013 launch will be accompanied by bespoke packaging, social media and banner advertising, as well as store coupons to drive sales.