Bakery supplier Rich Products has launched two liquid dairy-free cream alternatives to tap the plant-based trend.

Plant Based Cooking Crème and Plant Based Whipping Crème are designed to help food and beverage developers meet the growing dairy-free demands of UK consumers.

Plant Based Cooking Crème is suitable for sweet and savoury hot applications, while Plant Based Whipping Crème offers whipped performance, stability and versatility for desserts, cakes and beverages.

Produced by Rich’s development chefs, both are made to taste and perform “just like dairy”. They are 100% vegan and allergen-free, and have zero trans-fat or cholesterol.

The new creams contain 89% less saturated fat and 12% fewer calories than their dairy alternatives, said the company. They can be used to create desserts, soups, sauces and ready meals, as well as hot and cold beverages.

“We’re delighted to bring these pioneering plant-based creams to market, offering food manufacturers, development chefs, caterers and coffee shops a genuinely healthy, tasty and plant-based alternative to dairy creams,” said John Want, marketing director at Rich’s.

A third of UK consumers are now following a flexitarian diet or have removed meat and dairy from their diets completely, he added. Estimated sales of meat-free foods in 2018 reached £740m.

“With half of UK adults (49%) choosing to avoid certain foods or ingredients and 39% regularly buying free-from food and drink, it is vital to have dairy alternatives that perform in terms of taste and consumer experience. Ours are the only plant-based cream alternatives that perform and taste just like dairy with no bean, grain or nut back notes,” said Want.

Rich Products unveiled a bake-off range to tap the sweet bakes trend in January.