Roberts Bakery has launched two new 50% white 50% wholemeal loaves.

The bakery, which will open a new £10m production facility in 2014, said it planned to capitalise on the growing customer demand for healthier bread.

The Cheshire-based baker has launched its new product in medium- and thick-sliced varieties.

The 50% white 50% wholemeal range is available at selected Sainsbury’s supermarkets and convenience stores in the north west England, north Wales and the midlands.

Tim Wild, marketing director at Roberts Bakery, said: “‘White plus’ is growing faster than any other sector of the bread market because it appeals to the whole family. Parents can give it to their children confident that they’ll love the taste and knowing it’s a healthy choice.

“We’ve worked hard to get the taste of our ‘white plus’ right and are very confident it will be a strong addition to our range.”