Schär, the fastest-growing gluten-free brand in the UK, has brought six new lines to market.

Schär’s NPDs, all available in-store now, are “dedicated to bringing a growing demand for high-quality products to consumers.”

The new products are:

Schär Pain au Chocolat, £3.20: an oven-baked flaky patisserie filled with chocolate, baked then frozen for convenience, so consumers can enjoy the product straight from the oven. There are four units per pack;

Schär Seeded Ciabatta Rolls, £2.00: made with linseeds & sunflower seeds and baked using a sourdough recipe. The rolls are low in saturated fat and are gluten-, wheat- and lactose-free;

Schär Salti Crackers, £1.99: Gluten-, wheat- and lactose-free salted mini crackers;

Schär White Baguette, £3.00: high-fibre baguettes that are crunchy on the outside with a soft and fluffy crumb;

Schär Veggie Pizza, £3.00: a thin-crust authentic Italian pizza topped with roasted vegetables and mozzarella;

Schär Panini Rolls, £1.99: low-fat, high-fibre panini rolls.

Bradley Grimshaw, UK managing director of Schär, said: “We are dedicated to providing consumers with great-tasting gluten-free foods and our three new bread lines will help to further increase the options available to consumers.”

Schär describes itself as a European market leader with a wide range of basic, dried and frozen gluten-free food products.